DJ Services and Consultation in Minneapolis

When you’re looking for fun, laughter, good food, and drinks, don’t forget to add the missing spark to bring your event to life. Yes, you guessed right. We’re talking about great music. And great music comes when you have equally professional DJs to handle any crowd. So, forget about searching for one when you have the best DJ entertainment company offering affordable DJ services near you. With our original soundtracks, unheard music beats, and high-quality speakers blaring at your venue, you won’t have anything else to do except dance your heart out on the dance floor.

Affordable DJ Services for Any Occasion

We get it. Your budget can be tight, making you rethink if you should hire a DJ. And that’s why we’re here to take all worries off your shoulders. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a graduation party, or a corporate event, our affordable DJ services never compromise on quality. Instead, you and your guests can experience a complete, unpirated, and top-rated music playlist to keep you entertained all night long.

DJ Party Planner and Event Management

At New Dimension, we realize you have much on your plate to select the right DJ for your event. So, why not leave it to us to plan your event to perfection? We have experience catering to hundreds of clients every year. While weddings are our specialty, we take pride in offering DJ sound services for engagement party as well. After all, every occasion demands celebration and music adds the perfect ingredient to ensuring your guests remember your event for a lifetime.
Our DJs and consultation crew reach your event location to understand the intricacies. Once we’ve thoroughly analyzed your requirements, we formulate an event management plan that fits your budget like a glove. For the next step, we select high-tech sound equipment for an uninterrupted and high-quality flow of music throughout the whole time. This way, you can groove to never-heard-before music beats along with your guests.

Wedding DJ Company

Besides being the most life-turning event, weddings can often seem too much to handle, especially for the couple. In such times, having an experienced and professional wedding DJ company can make you feel relaxed. That’s us.
New Dimension works untiringly to make your wedding the highlight of the year. As a step further, our DJs dress up professionally according to your event while playing an active role to help your guests remember your special night for all the right reasons.
Combined with our state-of-the-art sound system, original playlist, and vast music library, you have much to benefit from after hiring our DJ services and consultation in Minneapolis.

Party DJ Services in Minneapolis

Are you planning an event and need expert DJ management services? We understand that handling guests is stressful, whether it’s a birthday, sweet sixteen parties, anniversary, or corporate event. But not when you have New Dimension by your side.
Our DJ expertise expands across planning, consulting, and DJ entertainment. So, no matter the number of invitees, our DJs will keep your guests entertained – no interruptions guaranteed.

Corporate Events DJ Services

The corporate world is unlike any other and requires serious professionals to set the ambiance. New Dimension has experience working crowds of any size, no matter the nature of your corporate event. Our corporate events DJ services cater to small and large businesses. That means you can treat your employees and clients to a party while we add the right flavors to make it perfect.

DJ Services for Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love to celebrate their birthday in style? Whether it’s your birthday or your kid’s, our DJ services for birthday party cater to teenagers and 90-year-old youngsters, too!
We also know the freedom that comes with turning sixteen. That’s why we arrive fully packed with all the entertainment gear to make your sweet 16 party go full swing.

Looking for a DJ for Wedding Reception?

A wedding is as special as you make it. But if it’s one thing that makes it memorable for you and your guests, it’s great music. As a DJ and entertainment company with professional DJs for wedding reception, we ensure you never have to compromise on the music quality in your event. For that, our trained DJs focus on making each mix the most unique you’ve ever heard of.
No matter the type of music you’re looking for – from hip hop, country, jazz, pop, and anything in between – we can string it for you. Besides that, no place is remote for us. Instead, we take pride in getting the music going in all the places you can dream of. Whether it’s a golf course, conference room, beaches, hotel ballrooms, schools, or the comforts of your living room, we’ll transform your selected space into a DJ arena with temperatures going up and feet dancing without stopping.